Before You Sit – Hardware Check That Patio Chair

Patio chairs are something we take for granted until they don’t do what we want them to. Unfortunately when we find out there is a problem with a patio chair is often after we have taken a seat for it to collapse on us. At the least this can be quite an embarrassing thing to happen in front of other people. At the most, you could get hurt in the process. Even worse, someone else could sit in the chair and be injured at your home. Not only would you feel awful, but this could also open you up to a lawsuit. Instead, it is better that you make sure the patio chairs in your yard are in good shape and ready to do their job.

Many people wonder how it is that a piece of furniture can suddenly become weak or wobbly. The last time you used it, it was just fine. What has changed between then and now? Often the change is the fact that winter went by. Winter can be a very tough time for furniture, even though you are not using it.

Here’s what happens. Over the course of a winter the temperature outside can fluctuate above and below freezing day in and day out. This not only is something that you have to bundle up against, but also something that impacts your hardware. You see, the furniture pieces you have may contrast and expand again with those freezing and warming trends. The hardware that is attached to the furniture may not move with it. Often this can have an ‘unscrewing effect’, turning the screw or bolt just a fraction of a turn each time it happens.

If this were just to happen once or twice you likely would not notice. But, this can happen a few times in a day and hundreds of time over the course of the winter. By the time the weather starts to warm up, many of your hardware pieces can be completely loose or even out of the furniture altogether.

If you do not take action to tighten and secure these pieces before you sit down, even more damage can be done. Not only will you risk hurting yourself or someone else but there is the impact on the furniture as well. If a screw or bolt is only partially in, and you sit on it, it will likely fail. This will cause the chair to collapse and usually the bolt or screw will rip into the surface of the furniture as it tries to hold together. Now instead of just being able to tighten pieces you have a repair job on your hand, assuming it is fixable.

Once you think about going back out to your patio chair after winter make sure to take a toolbox with you. Before you take a seat, take a few minutes to go around all of the pieces of hardware on the patio chair and tighten them up to make sure they are as sturdy as they should be and ready to do their job.